The secret of the secrets


When we spend a little bit time to do introspection and see the people surround and be really honest, there might raise-up some points of reflection and curiosity as mentioned below:

  • I have done my best, getting various educations, participating in several seminars including those presented by well known speakers motivating and teaching about technique to achieve success, and I have tried hard to be a good man, but my fate remains as it is – remains a poor man. Why? God is not fair.
  • Why have I been born into the poor family? Why have I been born with physical handicap?
  • Why have I lost my wealth in succession by unacceptable ways?
  • Why do I deserve such bad fate? Already being unemployed, the kid should stay at the hospital meanwhile the house is highly damaged by the flood
  • It is incredible. I was born from a poor family and I am not a smart man. But I have become so successful. Thanks God.
  • I have got everything: goods, wife, nice children and good career. But, why do not I feel happy? Do I miss something?
  • I cannot understand the condition of my neighbor. Both the man and his wife have good jobs with very good positions. Their children have got jobs and married already. To my surprise, they have just got divorced. What are they looking for? Don’t they feel ashamed with their children, neighbors and friends? What is going on?
  • Mr. A is surprising me. As a construction worker, he receives a small payment, some of which should be saved for renting the house. He has a very unpleasant wife. Anyhow, his face never shows any troublesome. What is his strategy?
  • I am surprised with Mr. B , the well known actor. He seems to have a good life, and all his children have been successful already in their lives. He is recently arrested because of drugs. What is going on?

There might raise-up more questions. Many things that have taken places rationally are unacceptable.

                                                The answer is here.

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